Personal Remedy Consultion
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A personal remedy is very often the most effective solution for your challenges. Everybody's needs and circumstances are different and, although our other remedies in our various ranges are targeted to deal with the most common emotions behind the issues, it will always likely be more beneficial for Julia to get to know your current feelings, needs, emotions, challenges and circumstances so that the right essences can be selected and combined to create a remedy just for you. Julia has years of experience in this field and takes her time to understand the individual challenges you are facing and the emotions that you are experiencing, before carefully selecting and combining the relevant essences. The consultation form below is designed so that this understanding can be fully developed and to enable Julia to fully appreciate your circumstances and, to fully achieve this, it is recommended that you take your time in completing the form and include as much information as you can. Julia is passionate about helping people and we recognise the love and attention that goes into each remedy is vital in enhancing its effectiveness.

Please complete the consultation form below and Julia will create your personal remedy. Please do provide as much information as possible and complete the 'other information' box as needed so that Julia can really get to know you and understand your requirements.
(As with most flower remedies, we add a small amount of the finest grape alcohol to our remedies to preserve them. If you would rather we add an alcohol-free preservative (apple cider vinegar), please indicate this in the 'Other Info' box.
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Mimulus - For known fears

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Consultation Form
Please check any boxes that you feel are reflective of your emotional state. You can tick as many as you feel necessary and we would encourage you to write any other feelings or thoughts at the bottom of the form. The more information you are able to provide, the more effective your flower remedy will be. If you would like to inform Julia of any physical manifestations (e.g. illness or disease) please feel free as these are also helpful in building up a picture of your particular requirements. All information is held in the strictest of confidence and your healing is our primary concern when creating your remedy.

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