SOS Remedy
This all encompassing remedy has been developed to give a boost to any emotional state. It is a must for any handbag or kitchen cupboard and really is a great as a natural 'pick-me-up'. Before you reach for the glass of wine or the chocolate, try a few drops of this great flower remedy for when our life cries out 'SOS'!
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Cherry Plum - For fear of losing control

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The SOS remedy contains essences that target uncontrolled and explosive emotions such as rage, hysteria and aggression, or other feelings of losing control. It also contains Clematis to combat feelings of dreaminess and absentmindedness. It has essences that target, fear, terror, panic and impatience. It also contains Star of Bethlehem, which seeks to calm the feelings of a sudden shock. The remedy is carefully and lovingly created so that it is standing by, ready for when you need it.
(As with most flower remedies, we add a small amount of the finest grape alcohol to our remedies to preserve them. If you would rather we add an alcohol-free preservative (apple cider vinegar), please indicate this when ordering. All flower remedies contain a minute trace of grape alcohol in any case (less than 0.7%) from the Bach stock bottle. Please see FAQ's for details)
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