'Little Flower' Range
Growing up can be tough, it can be emotional, and comes with it's quite unique challenges. Why not give your little flower a little bit of extra help to deal with some of those feelings and issues? We have a range of 11 remedies for children to include problems of bed wetting, tantrums and learning difficulties among many others. As with our other ranges, each remedy has a combination of essences that target specific emotions. Take the 'Little Flower - Learning Difficulties' remedy as just one example, this remedy contains essences that are recommended for those that frequently repeat mistakes, have low self-worth, apathy, mood swings and impatience. Please browse the range below. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, why not let Julia create a personal remedy for your little one?
(As with most flower remedies, we add a small amount of the finest grape alcohol to our remedies to preserve them. If you would rather we add an alcohol-free preservative (apple cider vinegar), please indicate this when ordering. All flower remedies contain a minute trace of grape alcohol in any case (less than 0.7%) from the Bach stock bottle. Please see FAQ's for details)
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'Little Flower'
Bed Wetting

The essences in this remedy have been selected to combat common emotional causes behind this issue, one of the main essences being Cherry Plum. Other essences target fear, guilt and self-blame amongst others.
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'Little Flower'

Calm your hyperactive little one with a selection of essences that have been blended to help children who cannot sit still and are impatient, are often frustrated and often have mood swings, One key essence is Vervain, which is great at helping those who find it difficult to relax and are over-enthusiastic.
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'Little Flower'
Learning Difficulties

To try to tackle the range of challenges in this area into one remedy is itself difficult, however, the essences included here are aimed to combat frequent emotions and difficulties such as low self-esteem, feelings of discouragement, apathy and resignation, impatience and mood swings. Chestnut Bud is a wonderful essence which is combined into this remedy which is recommended to help those that often repeat mistakes.
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'Little Flower'

Aspen is a key essence here which targets fears and anxiety. Other feelings dealt with in this remedy are terror, panic, fatigue and mental over-activity.
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'Little Flower'

The essences combined within this remedy are aimed to deal with the emotions surrounding a lack of self-confidence. One key essence is Larch, which is specifically used to deal with low self-worth, and other essences are used to deal with shyness, submissiveness, and anxiety. Centaury is a useful essence if your child is being bullied and is included in this combination.
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'Little Flower'

It can be awful to see a child suffering from low self-esteem and this remedy is created to help deal with this issue. Essences include Cerato, to deal with mistrusting yourself, Larch, to deal with low self-worth and Mimulus, to deal with known fears.
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'Little Flower'
Separation Anxiety

Being separated from a parent whilst at creche, school or other occasions can be a traumatic experience, so why not give them a little help to try to balance these emotions? The essences combined in this remedy are selected to help with anxiety and fear, and Red Chestnut is included to help them overcome their worry and over-concern.
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'Little Flower'

Shyness isn't always a negative issue and needn't be a problem, but if your little one's shyness is becoming a problem regarding social interaction or is developing into a lack of confidence then this remedy includes essences to aid feelings of insecurity and submissiveness. Water Violet is a wonderful essence that is blended into this remedy and is recommended for those who are shy, who detach and seclude themselves and who prefer to be on their own.
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'Little Flower'
Sleep Tight

This combination of essences is aimed at dealing with many of the common issues behind restless nights such as fear, tension and mental over-activity.
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'Little Flower'

A range of essences have been combined to deal with issues with irritability, unhappiness, uncontrolled emotions, stress and worry. Teething is always a tough time and the essences included here aim to lessen the emotional upset felt at this time.
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'Little Flower'
Temper Tantrums

We've all been there! We can't claim to stamp out temper tantrums, but this remedy is specifically created to calm the emotions and restore a sense of balance. Cherry Plum is one of the essences included, which targets uncontrolled emotions, rage, hysteria, aggression and violence. Holly is useful for dealing with frustration and Vine for wilful, pushy and selfish emotions. Essences are also included to deal with impatience too. It might say 'Little Flower' on the bottle, but it's just as effective in your husbands coffee too!
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Cherry Plum - For fear of losing control

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Gentian - For discouragement

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Impatiens - For impatience

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Red Chestnut - For over-concern