'Furry Friends' Range
Julia has helped horses with skin conditions and dogs with fear issues, amongst many of our other faithful pets! Flower remedies have been proven to help animals as well as humans, and any pet owner will know that many of the emotions and stresses that an animal feels are just as prevalent in our furry friends! As with our other ranges, each remedy has a combination of essences that target specific emotions. Take the 'Furry Friend - Separation Anxiety' remedy as just one example, this remedy contains essences that are targeted at the issues of fear, anxiety, over-concern and panic. Please browse the range below. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, why not let Julia create a personal remedy for your pet? **UK Legal Disclaimer - A rather odd point in UK law provides that only a qualified vet is legally able to diagnose health issues in animals, which is stricter than legislation surrounding humans! We must therefore advise that, despite Julia's experience and success in this field, our remedies are meant as a complimentary therapy and that veterinary advice should always be sought.**
(As with most flower remedies, we add a small amount of the finest grape alcohol to our remedies to preserve them. If you would rather we add an alcohol-free preservative (apple cider vinegar), please indicate this when ordering. All flower remedies contain a minute trace of grape alcohol in any case (less than 0.7%) from the Bach stock bottle. Please see FAQ's for details)
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'Furry Friends'

The essences in this remedy target anger and frustration, intolerance, possessiveness and impatience, all traits recognised in many aggressive and possessive animals.
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'Furry Friends'

Vine is one of the key essences at work here as it deals with dominance, with Chicory also present for possessiveness.
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'Furry Friends'

Pet owners will easily testify that animals can often feel emotions of fear and essences such as Aspen and mimulus feature here which deal with just that issue, together with Rock Rose.
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'Furry Friends'

Vervain is an important part of the blend of essences in this remedy as it aims to combat over-enthusiasm to help calm animals that appear on edge and overactive. Agrimony is also included to deal with hyperactivity caused by anxiousness.
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'Furry Friends'

I'm sure we've all had jealous pets! The essences in this remedy include Chicory, which targets the possessiveness behind this issue, and Holly, which targets negative and destructive thoughts.
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'Furry Friends'

As with the human version of this remedy, this blend of essences aims to aid in the cleansing and healing process following an operation, speeding up the recovery by balancing the emotions.
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'Furry Friends'
Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in pets often leaves them quite unhappy, if not traumatised, whilst this emotion is present. It can lead to noisy pets, for example constant barking in a dog, and destructive behaviour. The essences in this remedy aim to reduce fear and panic, and includes Red Chestnut which targets over-concern.
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'Furry Friends'

Animals often suffer from shyness in much the same way as we do. This remedy contains Centaury, Water Violet and Larch which all combine to target these challenges.
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Chicory - For possessiveness

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Crab Apple - For cleansing

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Heather - For self-obsession

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Rock Rose - For terror and panic