'Cope With...' Range
These remedies are mixed to help you cope with those times in your life when a little extra help is needed. From stress to menopause, from bereavement to pregnancy, we have 23 remedies created to target specific pains and challenges. The essences within each remedy are carefully selected to target feelings and emotions that are common factors of that particular challenge. For example the 'Cope With...A New Job' remedy has essences that deal with anxiety, unknown fears, stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, amongst others. Because they deal with common feelings, they also make an ideal gift to show somebody that you care. Please browse the range. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, why not let Julia create a personal remedy for you?
(As with most flower remedies, we add a small amount of the finest grape alcohol to our remedies to preserve them. If you would rather we add an alcohol-free preservative (apple cider vinegar), please indicate this when ordering. All flower remedies contain a minute trace of grape alcohol in any case (less than 0.7%) from the Bach stock bottle. Please see FAQ's for details)
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'Cope With...'

This remedy combines essences that target destructive thoughts, bitterness and resentment, amongst others. Beech is a key essence in this remedy as this deals with intolerance. A remedy to calm those angry feelings.
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'Cope With...'
Being A Parent

Any parent will tell you that it's a tough job at the best of times. Julia has selected essences such as Red Chestnut, which targets that obsessive worrying feeling, and Elm, which aims to balance those feelings of being over burdened and overwhelmed. Other essences deal with exhaustion and anxiety, amongst others.
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'Cope With...'

Star of Bethlehem is included in this remedy as this is useful for shock and trauma, and Agrimony helps deal with feelings of anxiety. Essences for exhaustion and nostalgia are also included and our aim is to try to balance out some of these feelings in a time of such high emotion.
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'Cope With...'

Periods of change are always emotional times and this remedy contains Walnut which targets this very issue. Fear of the unknown and anxiety are also targeted with the essences in this combination.
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'Cope With...'
Confidence Challenges

Larch is a fantastic essence which helps those who doubt their abilities and have low self worth. Essences to deal with fear and anxiety are also included, in addition to Centaury, which is very useful in dealing with shyness and submissiveness.
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'Cope With...'

Divorce, in most cases, is a very traumatic time and a whole roller-coaster of emotions are often involved. The Holly that is included in this combination targets destructive and negative thoughts and Willow is also included, which is useful to help those feelings of bitterness and resentment. Feelings of low self-worth, insecurity, scepticism, depression and shock are also dealt with through the selection of essences in this remedy, and Chicory is also included which aims to balance feelings of resentment and possessiveness.
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'Cope With...'

Very few of us can claim to not worry about taking exams, and this remedy aims to bring a little peace to times like this. Mimulus is very useful in helping, as it deals with known fears, and feelings of insecurity, expecting the worst, stress and being overwhelmed are also targeted. Oak is also invaluable here, as it deals with feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.
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'Cope With...'

Feelings of terror and panic are targeted with the wonderful essence of Rock Rose, and other essences aim to help those that obsessively worry. Fear and anxiety are also key emotions that this remedy has been created to balance.
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'Cope With...'

Hatred is a difficult emotion to overcome and, often, it is tough to pinpoint ways to deal with such feelings. This remedy includes Holly and Willow, which are recommended for those with feelings of anger, jealousy, bitterness and resentment, and also those with resentful or destructive thoughts.
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'Cope With...'
High Blood Pressure

This is a very popular remedy and, although the causes behind high blood pressure are varied, the essences that are combined here aim to help those feelings of fear, anxiety, irritation, tension, exhaustion and anger. Scleranthus is included too which targets mood swings and emotional ups and downs.
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'Cope With...'

Impatience is sometimes a useful emotion, but when it is accompanied by feelings of intolerance, pushiness, selfishness and means that you can't relax, it can also be rather destructive. One key essence included in this combination is Impatiens, which aims to help us in times of restlessness and when we become easily irritated and short tempered.
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'Cope With...'

Scleranthus and Wild Oat are combined in this remedy to help those who suffer from uncertainty, or who can't make up their minds or who frequently change their minds.
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'Cope With...'

A remedy to help deal with that green, destructive monster that often rears it's head in us all! Willow is particularly useful here as it tackles feelings of resentment, or where we blame others for our misfortune or are envious of others. Other essences included deal with negative feelings and possessiveness.
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'Cope With...'

This remedy has lofty aspirations!! The essences included aim to tackle a range of emotions, such as anxiety, depression and discouragement, stress, low self confidence and fear. One of our favourite essences here at Natures insight is Olive, which is recommended for those who feel, weak, shattered and exhausted.
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'Cope With...'

I'm afraid this remedy can't claim to find love for us, but it does aim to deal with some emotions that are easily connected when love becomes complicated, such as possessiveness, suspiciousness or jealousy and exhaustion. Larch is also included which is recommended for people that are overly self critical and fear the worst.
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'Cope With...'

This time of change brings with it a myriad of emotion, and this remedy targets many of these, such as sadness and depression, feelings of low motivation, mood swings and a general lack of equilibrium in life. Intolerance, weariness and exhaustion are also in our minds when blending essences for this remedy, and Cherry Plum is also included which is aimed at those who fear losing control.
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'Cope With...'
A New Job

Starting a new job is often a particularly stressful time in our life, and blended in this remedy are essences that deal with fear and anxiety, doubt, stress, burden and nervousness. Balance these emotions with a few drops of this remedy under the tongue or in your tea!
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'Cope With...'
Post Natal Depression

Whether 'diagnosed' with this challenge by a doctor or not, this magical time is in almost all cases accompanied by feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, fearful, sad, melancholic, and suffer mental and physical exhaustion. This remedy aims to ease these emotions, and one great essence that is included in the combination here is Walnut, which is recommended to help those that are finding it difficult to cope with a transition in their life.
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'Cope With...'
Post Operation

This combination of flower essences builds on our ever-popular SOS Remedy, with the addition of a wonderful essence called Crab Apple (Malus Pumila), which is a cleansing essence. If you, or a friend or family member, is recovering from an operation, this essence aims to aid in your healing process by balancing your emotions.
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'Cope With...'

Pregnancy doesn't always feel like the most magical time in our lives and we ladies do not always feel as if we are glowing! Scleranthus is included here to help with mood swings. Other emotions that this remedy aims to target are those of fear and over-concern and Walnut to deal with life changes. One of our favourite essences is Hornbeam, which is great for helping with feelings of fatigue.
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'Cope With...'
Self-Esteem Challenges

Feel nervous? Find yourself constantly hiding behind a brave face? The essences that are combined in this remedy aim to tackle just these issues, in addition to the wider feelings of having low self worth and insecurity challenges. Fear and anxiety are also targeted, and Cerato is included in this combination as this is recommended for those who distrust their own decisions, struggle with trusting their own judgement and doubt themselves.
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'Cope With...'
Sleep Problems

There are many reasons for struggling with sleep and this remedy aims to combat the most common ones. Agrimony is included to help with fear and hidden anxiety, in addition to essences selected to deal with stress and exhaustion. White Chestnut is a wonderful essence that is blended into this combination as it aims at helping people that struggle to shut down their minds, persistently worrying about things and suffering from mental over-activity.
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'Cope With...'

By far one of our most popular remedies, this combination aims to calm and balance feelings of stress. Oak is one of the essences included, which is recommended to provide a little endurance to those that feel overworked or who feel that they have overdone things. Fear, anxiety, impatience and exhaustion are also key in the selection of essences that make up this remedy.
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Agrimony - For hidden anxiety

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Centaury - For submissiveness

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Cerato - For distrusting yourself

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Star of Bethlehem - For shock