Frequently Asked Questions
How do I take the remedies?

The remedies are simple to take and you can take as often or as little as you feel you need. As a guideline, we would recommend taking 4 drops on the tongue, 4 times per day. This can be increased or decreased as you require as the remedy is completely natural. Listen to your body and take a few drops when your emotions tell you to.

You can also add the drops to your water or any other drink. If you add to a hot drink such as tea, the alcohol preservative will evaporate but the flower essences will remain in the drink and so will still be effective. You can even use the remedies externally by rubbing a couple of drops on the lips, temples or pulse points.

How quickly will my remedy start to make a difference?

It is very difficult to offer an answer to this question as the essences treat individual circumstances, therefore each case is unique. Some people will notice an immediate difference, for others it might take longer. If the remedy is being taken as recommended, it might be worth re-considering your needs and circumstances with an online consultation if a difference has not been noticed after a few weeks.

What's in my remedy

Each remedy is made from a blend of 100% natural flower essences and mineral water. A small amount (about a teaspoon) of grape brandy is also added to our remedies to preserve them and ensure their effectiveness many months after production, however, I am also able to offer alcohol-free options should you prefer, in which I can use cider vinegar, or even completely leave the preservative out. All remedies contain a minute trace of grape brandy in any case from the Bach stock bottle, although the amount is almost undetectable (about 3 drops worth of alcohol in an average of 500 drops!)

How long does each remedy last?

If taking your remedy regularly (as above), it will last for approximately one month, at which time it would be a good idea to assess how effective you are finding the remedy in dealing with your complaint. The remedy will, however, last for approximately one year (with grape brandy preserve). The SOS remedy, designed to be taken as and when needed, will last for one year.

Who can use Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies are created from completely natural ingredients and are therefore safe for anybody of any age to use. If you are pregnant or on medication, we are legally obliged of course to advise you to consult your doctor before taking flower remedies.

Are there side-effects to using the remedies?

You should experience no side-effects, however, if any adverse or unwanted effects are experienced please consult your doctor.

Why is there alcohol in Flower Remedies?

Alcohol (grape brandy) is used in the remedies as a preservative. It guards against microbial contamination which would otherwise grow in the water-based remedies. It is, however, not an active ingredient and makes no difference whatever to the strength or the effectiveness of the remedy.

All of the remedies will have a very small trace as the official 'Bach' stock remedies contain a small amount of grape brandy. Bear in mind that we only use a few drops of each Bach stock essence in your combination and again use more mineral water, the amount of alcohol is minute. We add a small amount of the finest grape brandy so that they will be preserved for longer. We can use a non-alcohol alternative, Suffolk apple cider vinegar, as a preservative in our remedies should you prefer, or you can even request that we leave the preservative out. You can choose these options when adding items to the basket.

What if I have experienced alcohol dependency in the past or am intolerant of alcohol?

If you have experienced such problems, it is not advisable to take the flower remedies without first consulting your doctor. If you wish for us to use a non-alcoholic preservative, this can easily be achieved as each bottle is prepared to order, however, you must be aware that a small amount of alcohol (less than 0.7%) will always be present from the preserved stock essence. When consulting your doctor, it is worth explaining how placing the drops in hot water causes the alcohol to evaporate, or even consider rubbing into the temples or pulse. The amount of alcohol used is very small, however, it is clear in some cases that it could cause psychological impact to a person who has decided to completely give up alcohol.

When should I stop taking my remedy?

You can stop taking the remedy when the challenge or issue that you are treating has gone. There is no need to continue to take the remedy just in case it comes back and there is no need to wean yourself off the remedies gradually.

Can I overdose on the remedies?

The remedy is entirely natural so you can't really experience adverse effects by taking too much, however, the recommended dosage given above should be followed. Taking beyond this dosage will not achieve a better effect.

Can I experience the negative state of the remedy if I take it for too long?

No. The remedies are entirely positive and the negative state cannot appear.

How many essences are in my remedy?

Some of the remedies contain only 2 or 3 essences. Most of the remedies comprise a combination of around 4 or 5 essences specific to the challenge at hand. The maximum number of essences in a remedy is 7, as any more than this was found by Dr Bach to decrease the effectiveness of the remedy.

What if things get worse whilst taking the remedy?

The remedies are entirely positive and cannot themselves cause side-effects or negative aggravations, however it is possible sometimes to bring forward repressed feelings and emotions as part of the cleansing and healing process. There is no need to stop taking them and, because of the entirely positive nature of the essences, they can never make a challenge worse, even if the combination is not right for your circumstances. If such challenges are experienced, it is entirely reasonable to reassess your needs and adjust the remedies accordingly. Using our online consultation form to explore your needs and circumstances is useful in these cases.
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